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 Miss Lora is a regular Advice Expert for the Nationally Syndicated TV show "The List" featuring her books "Y'all Are Rude!" & "Y'all Are Rude - Too!"available on Amazon & Kindle! And check out Miss Lora's over 1.5 million hit YouTube comedy webseries & Internet TV talk shows below!  

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I’m Miss Lora, the Trailer Trash Miz Manners, and the world has gotten Rude Rude Rude - especially now at the Holidays! Everyone needs my advice so I made my webseries “Y’all Are Rude!” at www.MissLora.com about dealing with all kinds of life, love, kids and work situations plus great tips on how to clean up your act with baking soda. Now over a million of you have watched ‘em and they even put me on the Rachel Ray TV show! See, my Momma and Daddy raised me right but clearly a lot of y’all were raised in a barn. People need me so they write in with their problems cuz I’ve got down home, dead on advice and more common sense than a stampeding herd of rabid possums (which is what folks act like half the time)! This book is the best of “Y’all Are Rude!” so you can read my unique Southern point of view and get a laugh. Cuz between me and baking soda, we’re gonna save the world – or at least make it more polite! “Miss Lora gives good advice and great laughs – and baking soda tips too! – Cary Odes, Comedian, Comedy Central

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